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Coseley Technology Primary
Opening Date: September 2019

Following the completion of the statutory consultation with the local community (known as Section 10), Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust (Shireland CAT) is able to announce that the primary school in Coseley will move forward to the next stage of development. However, the opening date for the school will now be in September 2019 rather than September 2018.

Instead of accommodating pupils in temporary buildings from September while the new building is being completed, they will start in the new build in September 2019. Consequently, with this added space, the school will now open with three year groups, nursery, reception and year 1, rather than just reception which was planned. 

Executive Principal of the Shireland CAT, Sir Mark Grundy, said:

“We’re disappointed that we’ve had to defer our start, along with the local authority, our partners on this project, we’ve had to make some tough decisions.”

“Discussions around the use of the site’s sporting facilities have complicated the original placement of the new school building. In order for us to be absolutely sure of getting the best building we can, we feel that postponing the opening until we and our partners have everything in order was best in the long term for the pupils.” 

“No one is missing out, families who applied will defer their start until next year and I’ll personally speak to each family and ensure that we support them through this key process.”

Coseley Technology Primary School will open on the site of the former Coseley Secondary School, which closed its doors in July 2017. The School will deliver quality education innovatively, through the use of technology.

Councillor Anne Millward, cabinet member for children’s services said: “Shireland’s decision to delay opening the school until 2019 will actually ensure a smoother transition for pupils as they will not need to move between the existing site and the new build. We will continue to work with the Shireland’s team on this ambitious project which is set to benefit children and families in Coseley and the wider community.” 

The new free school will be part of the Shireland CAT, which already runs the Shireland Collegiate Academy in Smethwick, Holyhead Primary Academy in Wednesbury and Thorns Collegiate Academy in Dudley. Both Holyhead Primary and Thorns Collegiate Academy became part of the Trust and converted into academies in September 2017. Shireland Collegiate Academy has been judged as Outstanding by Ofsted in 2006, 2010 and 2013.

Under proposals agreed by the DfE, the free school will open to 60 pupils in each year group. Access to Coseley leisure centre will be unaffected by the works. The new Coseley Technology Primary is expected to serve families from Dudley, Wolverhampton and Sandwell.

The Council is continuing discussions with a range of partners about the next phase of development of the site which would provide new secondary school places as the number of secondary age students in the borough starts to increase again in the coming years.

Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust is excited to announce the opening of Coseley Technology Primary School 

Every child who passes through the doors of Coseley Technology Primary deserves the very best that we can offer in a safe and caring environment. Coseley Technology Primary is a brand new school led and supported by Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust.

The Trust was founded by Shireland Collegiate Academy, an Outstanding and oversubscribed school with a reputation for the relentless pursuit of excellence and a determination to ensure that every child succeeds. This is a unique opportunity for your child to be one of the first cohorts to secure a place at Coseley Technology Primary School.

Section 10 Consultation now closed

Our Section 10 Consultation is now closed and we have completed a report on the results


Facebook Live Thursday 30th November

Learn more about the Coseley Technology Primary and join us on Facebook Live at 11am on Thursday 30th November. We will also be at the Coseley Youth Center, WV15 8HB between 1.30 – 3.30pm if you would like to meet us face to face. We look forward to meeting you!

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Section 10 Consultation Launched

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To enable pupils to achieve beyond their expectations by providing the best technology-enabled education opportunities.




To enable pupils to achieve beyond their expectations by providing the best technology-enabled education opportunities.

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